"The service provided by Melannie, Natalie, and their team has REAL VALUE.  They go above and beyond every time and always impress with their attention to detail.  My new homeowners often comment on how pristine the house is when I hand over the keys, which makes the entire move-in process easier.  It's important not to overlook or undervalue this step in the home-building process."

New Construction Cleaning

Pa​rkview​ Homes​

Upon completion of my recent renovation, my entire house was covered with a thin layer of dust and dirt, not to mention random bits of grout and paint sprinkled randomly throughout the house.  It was too big of a job for me to handle myself, so I called Make it Shine.  I was impressed right away by their friendliness and customer service.  The owners themselves came out to give me a quote (which was very reasonable).  After the cleaning I literally couldn't find a speck of dirt anywhere.  I was able to put my stuff back into place without wiping a single surface.  I also loved that they used cleaners with safe and natural ingredients, which is very important to my family.  Bottom line, Make it Shine won the "best contractor" award for my entire project!

Rental home deep cleaning

Lori​ Seeds Martin

My family moved to the Austin area two years ago.  After a very busy move and long drive from CA, the last thing I wanted to do was show up to a custom built house that was in disarray.  The Make it Shine team did everything imaginable to ensure that we were welcomed "home" right.  Each square inch of our residence, from top to bottom, was professionally cleaned and "move-in" ready when we arrived.  My initial rating... 5 Stars!!

Then, six months ago, we experienced a flood and had to have major work redone on our home.  Once again, exhausted from being out of our home for a month and wanting nothing more than to be back in our place, Make it Shine delivered.  Not only was I impressed the first time they cleaned our home, but even more so the second time.  They are fast, friendly, professional, consistent, green, and "second to none" when it comes to making a home spotlessly clean.  Make it Shine will forever be first on my speed dial....every single time!

Move-out cleaning specialist

Dwight Bailey

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor